Full Truckload (FTL)

Moving your products from Point A to Point B shouldn’t be a hassle. At Fastfrate, we provide solutions to many industries, including those requiring Full Truckload (FTL) shipments. If you require this service or are looking for other options for your business needs, we can help. Our team is capable of moving things nationally within Canada and cross-border as needed.

You can count on our commitment to speed, security, performance, and cost as it relates to our business supporting your needs. Our extensive resources allow us to overcome numerous challenges and work directly with our customers to ensure their shipment arrives safely and on time, no matter the destination. In search of a freight broker, dedicated transportation or require cross-border shipments? Fastfrate has you covered.

Our focus is both inbound and outbound crossborder LTL

We have partnered with select regional carriers throughout the USA to operate a seamless multi-gateway network between our countries. By combining the strengths of niche USA players with our longstanding Canadian infrastructure, the result is a great LTL service to meet the crossborder shipping requirements of our valued customers.

Benefits of Truckload Shipping

High-Volume Shipment
Full truckload freight is an ideal option for companies shipping a significant amount of product or multiple items and want a streamlined process to do so. Generally, this option would work best for you if you are shipping 10+ pallets or more than 15,000 lbs of items.

Faster Delivery
Once the truck has been loaded at its pickup location, it can depart immediately and arrive at its destination in a timely manner. This significantly cuts down on delays associated with other shipment methods. Those options may require multiple stops, potentially loading other products and dropping them off before your shipment can be delivered. With FTL, you can rest assured that no time will be wasted due to transfers and other deliveries.

Compared to different shipment choices, which may cost varying amounts depending on your freight broker, and take up time to divvy up, full-load trucking offers you savings. This is because this option can provide a set rate based on the size of the truck, and should you choose to ship more items, you won’t be charged extra since the cost is set regardless of the number of products you have to ship.

Fewer Requirements
There is the potential for other types of shipments to have stricter requirements before your shipment can be transported. This can include measuring and weighing each unit that will be transported to account for other cargo that may be loaded on the truck. When your products are the only cargo, these limitations won’t exist, making the process much easier.

Dedicated Shipments

By choosing full-load trucking, your shipment will be transported on a single truck to a single location. This kind of dedicated service provides ease of use, but also peace of mind. That’s because, with dedicated shipments, there is a reduced risk of your products showing up damaged. Since there are fewer points of contact between the truck loading and delivery, there is no chance of another product or cargo damaging your items, and vice versa.

Additionally, no hands other than those directly involved with your shipment will be able to access it, meaning no missing items or other causes for concern. Your products will not be touched other than when they are moved off the truck at your destination.

Why Choose Fastfrate?

Our dedicated transportation is reliable and committed to the security of your products. Beyond our expert shipping abilities, we aim to provide high-quality customer service. We invest our time into creating an experience that is accessible and straightforward, striving to streamline processes and reduce difficulties that our customers may face.

As we expand, we will not compromise on the quality of service we provide. Our customers will always come first, and we are available to walk them through the tools they require to create efficiencies within their businesses by simplifying the transportation process.