E-Commerce Logistics Services in Canada

Fulfilling your brand promise online! End-to-end ecommerce can really boost your brand’s bottom line — but only if you have a reliable partner with many years of experience and a trusted partner who can work your way. Backed by over 50 years experience, ASL’s Professional Distribution Services division (PDS) has the expertise and tools you need to make online order processing and fulfilment a worry-free experience.

As your invisible strategic partner, PDS develops a customized workflow that delivers your brand into the hands of your customers — your way. From receiving, picking, packing, shipping — and even home delivery — PDS delivers on each step of the process to your exact specifications.

Simplified systems integration to accelerate the order cycle

Our order fulfilment system can integrate with your existing website, making the process an entirely your-brand experience. Full EDI capability assures data integrity and maximizes the velocity of the order cycle. Web-based access to your information and automated reports combine to give you the information you need to run your business and optimize your supply chain.

Whether ecommerce is your main sales channel or an extension to help you reach new markets, ASL’s Professional Distribution Services division has a logistics program to ensure you capture these revenues in a cost-effective manner.