History, experience and enthusiasm

Our team today is a calculated mix of long-standing Fastfrate management and new talent. This blend of history and fresh thinking has led to a renewed focus on service excellence, enhanced technologies, diversified services and overall greater choice for our customers.

Our executive team includes:

Name Title Start
Ron Tepper Executive Chairman 24-Mar-94
Manny Calandrino President and Chief Executive Officer 17-Jun-85
Frank Figliomeni Chief Commerical Officer 18-Nov-19
Richard Rose Executive Vice President, Western Canada 7-Nov-16
John King Vice President, IT & Process 3-Apr-17
Sylvie Lalanne Vice President, Sales and Business Solutions, Quebec & Atlantic Canada 1-Jun-81
Mark Knott Vice President of Operations, Ontario 3-Mar-22
Alfonso Triolo Vice President, Quebec 21-Jun-99
Sebastian Carta Vice President, Fleet, Maintenance and Compliance 1-Mar-83
Jay Lee Vice President, Business Analytics and Solutions 28-Apr-08
Tim Blackburn General Manager, Atlantic Canada 15-Oct-15