Supply Chain Technology

Fastfrate Group utilizes forward thinking technology to streamline the supply chain.

Fastfrate Group is building the foundation for the future by continuously investing into technology that streamlines the entire supply chain from pickup to delivery. We are providing our customers with all the tools, access and data required to simplify the transportation process, create efficiencies, reduce costs and make intelligence-driven decisions.

We are committed to enhancing the customer experience from pickup to final delivery

A wide variety of methods to request or schedule your pickup providing customers with choice and flexibility (EDI – API – Web – Email – Phone)

Automated for standard shipments with complete & instantaneous connectivity from our drivers to our system to our customers

All freight arriving to our docks gets barcoded, scanned, weighed, cubed and tracked across the dock until loaded out for delivery

Customers receive automatic updates on all shipments moving via road or rail once specific checkpoints are reached in the process

All relevant data is captured via drivers’ handheld device and pushed to our system and our customer through their preferred method

This advanced technology allows Fastfrate Group to constantly analyze and improve each aspect of the supply chain:

Automated communication
Through EDI connectivity & API integrations ensuring an instantaneous flow of information

Machine learning
To identify potential bottlenecks and continuously optimize your supply chain

Online suite of tools
Allowing customers to book pickups, receive quotes & download documents/images

Real-time visibility
With 24/7 access to live GPS tracking of all power units, trailers and chassis

Connected docks
Utilizing handheld scanners to track all movement of freight and provide immediate updates

Predictive diagnostics
On all equipment to minimize downtime and keep your freight moving

Increased safety & performance
Through monitoring and improving driver habits, idle time and fuel consumption

Advanced end-to-end metrics
To gain greater insights on KPIs throughout your entire supply chain