Our Safety and Security Measures

We are distinguished as having the best occupational health and safety record in the Canadian transportation industry.

At Fastfrate Group, we have zero tolerance for unsafe behaviour. It’s our bottom-line policy that commits us to providing the leadership, organization, training and resources required to maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

Through our Joint Health and Safety Task Force, Hazardous Goods Team and Safety Education Program, we have fostered a core group of hands-on personnel whose primary goal is to keep Fastfrate Group team members safe throughout our organization.

Joint Health & Safety Task Force

The Joint Health & Safety Task Force is our big safety overview team. They assess conditions and practices and implement changes where changes are needed. Team members review failures and near misses with the ultimate goal of implementing prevention programs and not to simply assign blame.

The team’s mandate is to provide leadership through research and development; they also conduct regular safety audits to identify where enhancements to the program should be adopted. Beyond implementing recommendations, this streamlined task force engages injured and ill employees in a Return to Work Program as well as implement and monitor Personal Safety Action plans for all managers and supervisors.

Utilizing advanced technologies

The technologies implemented throughout Fastfrate Group not only streamline operations, they help to keep our staff, our equipment and your freight free from any harm. We have seen great improvement in both safety and performance by installing GPS and running predictive diagnostics in all equipment. This allows us to not only monitor the locations of our tractors, trailers and chassis but our driver habits and engine health as well.

Hazardous Goods Team

Our Hazardous Goods Team is highly skilled in hazardous and sensitive freight shipping. Among the world’s elite, they provide hazard recognition training, risk evaluation and on the job safety measures to their co-workers, nationwide.

Safety education

All Fastfrate Group personnel are trained and certified in the transportation and handling of dangerous goods. All forklift operators are trained and licensed, under the Ministry of Labour Standards, to operate forklift trucks and handle propane. All drivers undergo a pre-hire testing and in-depth orientation.