It all boils down to service and price.

How much freight do you have? When is it ready? Where is it going? When do you need it there? Is your freight dense or volumetric? Does it require special handling? Do you need to protect it from freezing? Is it going to a big box retailer with an appointment time? These are just a few of the details we need to determine the most cost effective way of transporting your shipments.

Providing greater insights

We’ve found several ways to simplify the transportation process, measure the results and maximize your dollar. Our team consists of Business Engineers and dedicated Business Development Managers who will work with you to create custom solutions tailored specifically to your ever-changing requirements. This process includes:

  • Our Business Engineer Specialists analyze historical data of your shipments to provide you with the right solutions based on your patterns
  • Our team reviews historical patterns around your peak season, density flex, customer base, etc. and shows you the most effective options to save both time and money
  • We hold quarterly reviews with you to see what improvements can be made and ensure KPI expectations are being met or exceeded

Pairing expertise with advanced technology

In addition to our team of experts, Fastfrate Group continues to make significant investments in technology. We are committed to enhancing the customer experience throughout all facets of the supply chain and utilize automated communication, machine learning and predictive diagnostics to provide our clients with advanced end-to-end metrics and completely optimized transportation solutions.