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Intermodal Shipping

Intermodal shipping refers to moving freight via two or more transportation methods. The containers used can move seamlessly between trucks, trains, and ships. Businesses may prefer intermodal shipping in Canada for domestic needs, such as moving freight across the country in both directions. Our intermodal services are capable of moving various goods with multiple levels of transit times depending on the date you need your cargo to arrive at its destination. With Frate Express, our premium rail service is a priority rail service that allows you to ship more weight capacity with substantial cost savings and with transit times that are comparable to Over-the-Road.



Less than truckload (LTL) shipping is ideal for businesses looking to move smaller amounts of freight from point A to point B. Less than truckload (LTL) works for companies as a cost-effective measure, where they only pay for a portion of the trailer their freight occupies. We can help ensure your LTL shipping in Canada meets the requirements and has the documents necessary for easy transport. Once shipments arrive to locations in Western Canada we are flexible with our intra-west deliveries. We offer LTL shipping at all our terminals in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Regina. We also offer LTL shipping to all Eastern provinces ensuring seamless delivery of all shipments.



Moving your cargo from its original destination to a port of your choice shouldn’t come with delays or difficulties. Our national drayage trucking company is directly connected to our transloading services, minimizing the possibility of oversight. We can safely move your freight to various ports along the Atlantic seaboard in the U.S. or rail midpoints within Canada, saving you time and ensuring peace of mind. With our fleet of 20′, 40′ and 53′ container chassis and over 500 trucks on the road, we are fully equipped to serve your drayage (container transport) requirements throughout Canada.


Full Truck Load and Cross-border Trucking

As an established domestic transporter, Fastfrate has been able to expand our services throughout the U.S with cross-border trucking services. Our Full-Truckload cross border services transports freight across North America. With 500 – 700 border crossings daily, we have a dedicated team that monitors compliance with government regulations and consults with clients concerning their cross-border needs

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Warehousing and Distribution

Not only are our services capable of moving your freight, but we can also fill in the gaps and leverage our capabilities for the warehousing and distribution of cargo as well. Throughout Canada, offering warehousing and distribution facilities for ecommerce fulfillment, pick and pack, inventory management returns and reverse logistics and all our final mile delivery hubs will cover your final mile courier needs.



Determining the transportation services you need, can come with many overwhelming details and information you might need help with. At Fastfrate, we are a preferred logistics company across North America because we take the guesswork and difficulties out of transportation with our flexible and comprehensive options. Our logistics division provides you with a single point of contact and a wealth of transportation resources covering the supply chain, including domestic, cross border and multi-modal expertise.


Final Mile

Order fulfillment is the final leg in the journey of your cargo. It should arrive at your customer’s doorstep as easily as it has traveled across borders or across the country. With Fastfrate, we ensure the final mile is as secure, safe, and thorough as the rest of the transportation experience. Courier deliveries are capable seven days a week, and this service features various customizable options to meet the needs of your business. Whether you have small parcels or bulky non-conveyable, we are able to deliver to your customers’ home or businesses.


E-Commerce logistics

Your business might have numerous challenges to contend with as an online brand. Ecommerce Logistics shouldn’t be one of them. Get your product out the door and into the hands of your customers easier with E-commerce logistics services in Canada that are designed with these types of companies in mind. We’ll plan your shipping workflow with you to ensure nothing is overlooked regarding your specific needs. With a flexible warehousing model, we can scale to suit your business operations.


Mexico FTL Cross Border

Our collaboration with CPKC introduces the ONLY direct rail line between Canada and Mexico, providing safe, on-schedule delivery. Experience seamless door-to-door service with daily departures for Full Load shipments. Unlike the traditional shipping process that typically involves three rail lines to transport goods into Mexico, our direct rail line service offers expedited transit times, ensuring your shipments reach their destination promptly and efficiently.