Transportation is just one of many needs that businesses have when they choose Fastfrate. Beyond the shipping of goods, warehousing and distribution are the most crucial components to ensuring your goods are secured and arrive at their intended destination in a timely manner. Throughout our history, we have expanded our reach to include numerous facets and are proud to offer Canadian warehouse and distribution services, along with our other offerings.

Simply put, warehousing is important in serving our customers’ complete requirements. We have over 55 years of experience understanding the in-depth needs of a wide range of industries with warehousing and distribution components. Throughout Canada and the U.S., we have 44 terminals and final mile hubs strategically positioned to cover all of your storage, cross-docking, transloading and distribution requirements.

Warehousing services

Keeping your goods safe and secure before it reaches your customers or retailers is an important part of the shipping process. However, simple solutions may not be enough for your business as you seek more advanced capabilities such as detailed reports and inventory management. Our warehouses are equipped with the latest technological advances to make your product’s time in between distributions everything you need it to be.

Our warehouses across Canada are outfitted with gated entries and state-of-the-art security systems, including cameras. In addition, all hubs are operational 24/7 and 365 days a year, meaning you don’t have to worry about lags in information or holiday closures resulting in delays. While inside our facilities, your goods will be kept at an ideal temperature to preserve their freshness and quality. In addition, we have both racked and stacked storage available, depending on the packing and requirements of your goods. From there, we can provide customized reports through our warehouse automation, offering you inventory control and management, whether they will be in our facilities for a short or long-term stay.

When moving goods across the border, certain logistics come into play that might be difficult for warehousing companies to deal with who are used to domestic goods that do not have excess requirements. Due to our expertise in moving items throughout North America, our warehouses are equipped to handle the unique circumstances to ensure your goods are secure before embarking on the final leg of their journey. We are CTPAT compliant, following all necessary protocols to meet the needs of this standard. Additionally, our bonded and sufferance warehouses are capable of holding your goods in case you need to delay duty for any reason.

  • Should you require cross-docking solutions for your products, our facilities can handle these processes and ensure your goods are moved securely to where you need them to go. We also have pick-and-ship programs for your convenience.

Distribution Services

Moving your goods the final mile or to retailers who carry your products can sometimes be the most detailed and strenuous part of their journey. Not with Fastfrate. Importers, distributors and E-commerce businesses choose us as the lean solution to distribute their goods to retailers and direct to consumers across Canada.

Our distribution services include:

  • Break bulk services. Ship all of your necessary goods together and trust our expertise to sort and categorize items that need to be sent to their final destination together, or separately.
  • Sorting by SKU and destination. Once your cargo arrives at our warehouse, we can make quick work of the sorting process and ensure what needs to be kept at that destination moves where it needs to, and that other freights is appropriately allocated to another destination.
  • E-commerce order fulfillment. Allow your business to focus on its products and processes while we complete the orders that help build its presence and reputation.
  • Final mile, direct-to-consumer deliveries. If your goods are ready to be sent to your customer’s front door, we’re available to ensure they get there safely and on time.
  • Direct to Store (DTS) service. Similar to our final mile deliveries, we can ensure your product makes it to the correct retailer securely, providing you and them regular updates on shipments and their arrivals.
  • Custom packaging, labelling & package placement. Through our vast connections network, we can secure the packaging you need, create slips and labels, and place your products together as needed.
  • Product returns and reverse logistics. Please your customers by giving them the option to return products with ease. Once they arrive at our facility, we can ship them back to you for your review.
  • Inventory management with real-time visibility. Eliminate the guesswork of inventory details and use the perks of managing your stock while planning for the future.

Custom Solutions

At Fastfrate, we believe customized solutions are the only way to go when it comes to working with our customers. Too often, one-size-fits-all plans falter, failing to understand the business they work with and causing them short-term and long-term difficulties. That’s why our business will take the time to get to know yours. By understanding your products, we can use our prior knowledge and experience to develop a plan that suits your needs.

Whether your industry is obscure or you serve many markets, including direct-to-consumers, our team will strive to make the warehousing and distribution process one that integrates seamlessly with your logistics. This might include revisions or reworking certain steps, but rest assured, we are content to do so until your business gets the support it needs.

Why Choose Fastfrate?

We are here to help you implement Canadian-based warehousing and distribution solutions that drive costs out of your operation and increase your performance metrics. Coupled with our shipping services, we aim to be a full-service option for your freight needs. Our team can work with yours to discover the necessary solutions and develop a plan that suits your requirements now and in the future.

We have facilities coast-to-coast across Canada and into the USA to meet all of our customers’ warehousing and distribution demands. Our commitment to supporting our customers remains consistent as we expand our operations to better serve new and existing industries that require our services. When the businesses that we work with thrive, so do we. It is paramount for us to act as a partner in your organization, an extension of the quality standard that you set for yourself. Visit our company profile or contact us to learn more about our endeavours.