Logistics Company in Canada

Running a business is no easy feat. Certainly, beyond the scope of your day-to-day tasks lies a list of responsibilities that include how you will get your freight to your customers. Avoid the headaches of determining the details that add yet another to-do list to your plate by adding a dedicated logistics solution to your assets. At Fastfrate, we reduce the carriers you need to manage and drive costs out.

What Does a Logistics Company Do?

After the production of your products, the next step in the chain is transportation. However, along the way, you realize that you’ll also need warehousing and distribution support, maybe even final mile services, to ensure the delivery of your goods to your customers. A logistics company covers all of those bases and more. They work with your business to determine its needs, providing solutions every step of the way rather than the potential roadblocks you might have if you endeavoured to take on this task yourself. No matter where your cargo needs to be shipped and under what conditions, such as weight restrictions or temperature limitations, your logistics company will figure it out in a way that is efficient and cost-effective.

Dedicated Logistics

Our logistics professionals assess, recommend and implement solutions that remove barriers from your operation, promote cost savings, and at the same time, increase overall performance metrics. We have worked in the transportation industry for more than 55 years, and in that time, we have compiled a vast amount of knowledge relating to the industry. We aim to provide solutions beyond your shipping methods. We leverage our expertise and connections within this sector to push the boundaries on what could be considered quality third-party logistics (3PL) in Canada.

Our customers love the security of dealing with an asset-based organization. Our network of over 4,500 professional partner carriers gives us added capacity, flexibility and coverage to meet your LTL and Truckload requirements by rail and road, throughout North America. Our services offer great value in the following areas:

  • LTL shipping, partials and Truckloads
  • Full load intermodal
  • Flatbed moves
  • Canada, USA and Mexico
  • Domestic, interstate and cross-border
  • Multi-modal, air, ocean, road, rail.
  • Temperature controlled services
  • Dry and heated vans
  • Facilitating new location openings
  • Seasonal demand planning and execution
  • Expedited and emergency shipments
  • Project work geared to the construction industry
  • Ecommerce order fulfillment and final mile delivery
  • Reverse logistics

But it does not end there. Warehousing and distribution are among the most crucial components of the logistics process. Without these accounted for, your goods may arrive at their destination with nowhere to go, causing backlog and issues for you in the process. Worry not, as our warehouses operate 24/7 and 365 days a year. We have various hubs throughout Canada, and the U.S. that are strategically placed to ensure seamless distribution is possible no matter where your cargo is going. Our state-of-the-art security keeps your items safe before our distribution process sends them where they need to be.

Need delivery direct to consumers for some goods and sent to retailers for others? It’s no issue for our distribution services. We can sort everything by SKU and destination point, allowing you to manage your inventory in real time while we handle custom packaging and labeling placements. Of course, we can also handle reverse logistics and returns should you need them.

Fastfrate’s Canada and Mexico Shipping Advantages: 

Fastfrate, in collaboration with CPKC, introduces the only direct rail line connecting Canada to Mexico, providing safe and on-schedule deliveries. Elevate your shipping experience with our seamless door-to-door service featuring daily departures tailored for Full Load shipments. Explore the key advantages of our service designed to optimize your logistics:

  • Direct Line: The only direct rail line from Canada to Mexico, offering daily departures for an unmatched shipping experience.
  • Faster Transit Times: Enjoy quicker transit times compared to the traditional three-rail line process, optimizing the efficiency of your shipments.
  • Reduced Border Congestion: Experience reduced congestion at the Mexico/US border, where non-direct service typically involves the use of interchanges.
  • Capacity Tailored to You: Benefit from greater weight capacity, with a mix of dry and temperature-controlled containers available to accommodate your diverse shipping needs.
  • Spanish-Speaking Fastfrate Representatives: Our team includes Fastfrate representatives fluent in Spanish, ensuring clear and effective communication throughout the shipping process.

The Benefits of Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Your business is important to you. Your products and brand deserve the best regarding the logistics of your goods and all the details that come with those processes. Entrusting a third-party logistics company in Canada should come with a single point of contact and a wealth of transportation resources. Some benefits of this service include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Access to indusry experience
  • Reduce potential risks
  • Flexibility
  • Growth opportunities
  • Focus on internal processes
  • Increased customer satisfaction