Frank Figliomeni Promoted to President, Fastfrate Integrated Logistics

6 May 2021
Frank Figliomeni headshot

Fastfrate Group is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Frank Figliomeni to President of Fastfrate Integrated Logistics. Formerly Executive Vice President, Mr. Figliomeni now leads the Integrated Logistics, Linehaul, Bestway and CDI divisions of Fastfrate Group.

Frank has more than 20 years of experience in transportation and since joining Fastfrate Group, has played an integral role in the overall success of the group’s growth strategy. He has helped build a collaborative team who are committed to meeting customer and market demands and his contagious enthusiasm inspires his teams to deliver exceptional results.

Mr. Figliomeni comments, “I’m excited and I’m ready for the challenge. Fastfrate Group has been extremely active during my time here and are always seeking new revenue streams to enhance services, solutions and experiences for our customers.”

With the recent acquisitions of Bestway and ASL Distribution, Fastfrate Group has grown exponentially over a relatively short period of time and are not showing any sign of slowing down. Frank adds, “We are looking into ways to increase our presence in the U.S. marketspace and are currently exploring targeted regions for new terminals with cross docking, transloading and destuffing capabilities.”

“The uniqueness of Fastfrate Integrated Logistics being an asset-based carrier allows us to actually use the various division assets as part of each solution we create. We don’t operate a logistics division simply for overflow. This approach has proven to be quite successful and I am looking forward to attaining similar successes with our future initiatives.”

Fastfrate Group President & CEO, Manny Calandrino comments, “We are very proud of everything Frank and his teams have accomplished and are thrilled he has accepted this new role and new challenge. These are exciting times for our group and we’re looking forward to a bright future together!”

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