We provide easy-to-use, time-definite LTL shipping services northbound and southbound between Quebec, Ontario and states east of the Mississippi on a daily and scheduled basis. We pride ourselves on providing a seamless service between the Canada and USA border for all your dry, heated, hazmat and specialized transportation requirements.

Daily & scheduled service
Using its own rolling assets, Bestway assures service reliability through its closed-loop control from pickup to final delivery of shipments between Quebec, Ontario & states east of the Mississippi.

Coast-to-coast delivery
All southbound and northbound shipments remain in our care throughout the entire delivery cycle between states east of the Mississippi River and all points across Canada through one of Canada’s most extensive owned operational networks.

Serving all 50 states
With USA asset-based partner AAA Cooper Transportation, Bestway is able to service the crossborder needs of our customers over and above the states we serve directly to provide complete USA coverage.

Industry-leading transit times
The use of our assets from pickup to delivery creates a closed-loop process, ensuring minimal touch, minimized risk and accelerated delivery. It’s with this process that Bestway provides truly consistent and seamless crossborder LTL services.

Multiple pricing options
Bestway simplifies the process by offering customers pricing by the class, by the hundredweight (CWT) or by the pallet. This means no surprises on your invoices – you will always know exactly what the charges are for each crossborder shipment in our care. This gives our customers choice and flexibility and allows Bestway to provide truly simple crossborder LTL services.