History, experience and enthusiasm

Our team today is a calculated mix of long-standing Fastfrate management and new talent. This blend of history and fresh thinking has led to a renewed focus on service excellence, enhanced technologies, diversified services and overall greater choice for our customers.

Our executive team includes:

Name Title Start
Ron Tepper Executive Chairman 24-Mar-94
Manny Calandrino President and Chief Executive Officer 17-Jun-85
Leonard Wyss Chief Financial Officer 12-Jan-82
George Bichara Vice President, Ontario 12-Jul-94
Patricia Scott Vice President, Human Resources 14-Feb-05
Ahmet A. Taran Vice President, Information Technology 31-Aug-81
Alfonso Triolo Vice President, Quebec 21-June-99
Sebastian Carta Vice President, Fleet, Maintenance and Compliance 1-Mar-83
Kim Wonfor Vice President, Sales-Ontario 13-Mar-17
Richard Rose Vice President, Prairie Region 07-Nov-16
Tony Kelly Vice President, BC Region 17-Apr-17
John King Director, IT & Process 03-Apr-17
Franklin Wang Director, Finance 29-May-17
John Oss Director, Yield Management 01-Sep-17

We continue to evolve as a valuable transportation partner to our customers

We want customers new and old to view Fastfrate as a proactive company who responds to your concerns and requests promptly. Our theme of �Simplified Shipping� is just that. We want to be easy to do business with and have undertaken some exciting new initiatives to accomplish just that.

  • We have invested heavily in the technology and the staff to make getting information a more user friendly experience
  • We reduced a step in the log in process so that you enter your request on the home page of our website
  • We have extensive pricing matrices to get quotes easily and specific to your account and commodity shipped
  • We continue to push information out on a proactive basis
  • We�re gathering a higher level of shipment data Canada-wide to enable more concise and accurate information and reporting