History, experience and enthusiasm

Our team today is a calculated mix of long-standing Fastfrate management and new talent. This blend of history and fresh thinking has led to a renewed focus on service excellence, enhanced technologies, diversified services and overall greater choice for our customers.

Our executive team includes:

Name Title Start
Ron Tepper Executive Chairman 24-Mar-94
Manny Calandrino President and Chief Executive Officer 17-Jun-85
George Bichara Vice President, Ontario 12-Jul-94
Patricia Scott Vice President, Human Resources 14-Feb-05
Ahmet A. Taran Vice President, Information Technology 31-Aug-81
Alfonso Triolo Vice President, Quebec 21-June-99
Sebastian Carta Vice President, Fleet, Maintenance and Compliance 1-Mar-83
Kim Wonfor Vice President, Sales-Ontario 13-Mar-17
Richard Rose Vice President, Prairie Region 07-Nov-16
Tony Kelly Vice President, BC Region 17-Apr-17
John King Director, IT & Process 03-Apr-17
Franklin Wang Director, Finance 29-May-17
John Oss Director, Yield Management 01-Sep-17

We continue to evolve as a valuable transportation partner to our customers

We want customers new and old to view Fastfrate as a proactive company who responds to your concerns and requests promptly. Our theme of “Simplified Shipping” is just that. We want to be easy to do business with and have undertaken some exciting new initiatives to accomplish just that.

  • We have invested heavily in the technology and the staff to make getting information a more user friendly experience
  • We reduced a step in the log in process so that you enter your request on the home page of our website
  • We have extensive pricing matrices to get quotes easily and specific to your account and commodity shipped
  • We continue to push information out on a proactive basis
  • We're gathering a higher level of shipment data Canada-wide to enable more concise and accurate information and reporting